24 Hour Care At Home

24 Hour Care At Home - Does It Really Mean 24 Hours?

24 hour care at home sounds as if it is too good to be true. After all, would someone really choose to be a person’s full time carer and stay away from their own homes for weeks at a time? Would someone really be on hand, no matter what, 24 hours a day? The good news for many is that this kind of full time live in care is definitely real, and it is open to anyone. If you feel that an elderly or infirm family member could benefit from care on a full time basis, then it is time to start researching the possibilities.

Can Live In Care Even Work For Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is the most prevalent form of dementia. It is a disease that initially affects the brain, and that brings about confusion and loss of memory. This deteriorates over time so that some patients don’t recognise friends and family members, or even remember something that they have only just said. Some experience hallucinations and problems with communication. 24 hour home care can be used for individuals with this debilitating disease although an initial assessment will need to be carried out first. The person requiring 24 hour care at home will need to be checked to ensure that it is safe for them to remain in their property, rather than entering a residential home. It could be that initially at home care is required but, as time and the disease progress, this could change. Safety also means checking what kind of supervision they need – can they cook, for example, can they be left alone for any time at all? Another aspect that should be looked at before 24 hour in home care is decided upon is the health of the person. Will they require specialised help when it comes to medication, and are there other health problems that need to be taken into consideration? And finally, does the patient need to interact socially with others? This can often be a help to those suffering from Alzheimer’s. Home carers offer interaction with people whom the person knows and this helps with memory retention.

24 Hour Care In Your Own Home - How Is It Beneficial?

Assuming that the checks are carried out and the findings are satisfactory, then it is perfectly possible for those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other debilitating illnesses to remain at home with 24 hour live in home care. The benefits of this can be immense. A home is an important part of someone’s life, filled with memories and treasures that could mean nothing to someone from the outside, but that mean the world to the person who lives in amongst them. 24 hour care in your own home enables those who want to stay where they are most comfortable to do so, rather than moving into a residential or nursing home. This can reduce stress and anxiety and actually keep the patient healthier in the long term. Removing someone from the place in which they have lived for possibly many decades can be a traumatic and confusing time. They will have to leave familiar places, their friends, their possessions (there isn’t room for everything in a nursing home, after all), and the impact can be huge. Remaining at home is by far the preferred option if it is at all possible. It is not always what the patient wants – some like the idea of moving and making new friends, and for some it is simply not possible. And, perhaps surprisingly, at home care can be less expensive than you may realise. With My Homecare, there are a number of different ways to organise home care in bespoke packages.

Looking For The Best 24 Hour Care At Home? Choose My Homecare

Do you feel that 24 hour care at home is the best solution for you and your family? If so, My Homecare will be able to tailor a specific and unique care package for your circumstances and budget, and we will be happy to discuss any ad hoc arrangements that may be required as well. For more details about how we can help with live in care, please don’t hesitate to phone us on 03300 415 485 or see our website for advice, options and further contact details. At My Homecare, we always have the individual’s best interests first in mind when decisions about care are made.

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