24 Hour Care In The Home

24 Hour Care In The Home - Going Home

24 hour care in the home is a valuable alternative to residential care for many. It’s not unusual for clients to consider moving into a home then to decide against it. A trial period in a home can allow clients to accept the realities of such a situation and resolve to explore the other options available.

Live in care provides many of the same benefits as a nursing home, except that the client feels more in control. Following a trial period of living in a residential home, it’s not unusual for a client to be dismayed at their sudden lack of independence. If it’s possible to move back to their own home, they may wish to do that. In such a case, 24 hour care at home could prove to be the answer to the problem. You or your relative will receive personal care arising from a tailored care package that puts their needs above everything else. There won’t be any other demands on a carer’s time, allowing them to focus completely on one client. This level of personalised care simply isn’t available in residential homes. Equally, control over what to eat and when is generally lacking. The choices that a client in a nursing home has to make usually revolve around set menus and take limited account of personal preferences. By hiring live in carers, you can have the meals you want when you want them, plus a carer will ensure that your living environment is kept clean and tidy whilst looking after your personal needs too.

If you’re searching for 24 hour care in the home why not contact My Homecare? We specialise in supplying carers to elderly and vulnerable adults who may need a little extra support. For more information, visit our website at http://www.my-homecare.co.uk/ or call us on 03300 415 485 for a consultation.

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