24 Hour Home Care

24 Hour Home Care - Preparing For Your Needs Assessment

24 hour home care is only offered after a comprehensive needs assessment has taken into consideration all potential aspects of care. This needs assessment can seem daunting for you and your relatives. However, it’s designed to help you, and the person undertaking it is there to ask the right questions.

A needs assessment will cover all areas of the client’s daily routine and needs. This will include physical care needs, along with any emotional and psychological problems they may be struggling with. When a live in care agency asks you these questions, it’s not to be intrusive. By gathering as much information about the requirements and history of you or your relative as possible, they’ll be better placed to offer the exact levels of care the client needs. When you’re considering 24 hour care at home, this is particularly vital. There can be stumbling blocks within the needs assessment process. For instance, elderly people are more likely than others to downplay their requirements due to pride or a reluctance to sacrifice their independence. This can make the assessment difficult for all parties. However, it’s worth remembering that live in carers provide far more independence for a person than going into a residential home. Often, reminding them of the potentially unpalatable alternative encourages them to be more honest about their actual care needs and results in a more accurate needs assessment. While an assessment can seem intimidating to clients and their relatives, the person conducting it will be extremely kind and experienced in long term care needs.

At My Homecare, we conduct full needs assessments prior to installing 24 hour home care for our clients. If you’re interested in our services but are still a little unsure, why not contact us for an informal discussion? You can call on 03300 415 485 or visit our website at http://www.my-homecare.co.uk/.

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