Care At Home

Care At Home - What Does It Mean?

Care at home means giving someone the option to stay in their own property rather than move into a nursing home. This could be a property they have most likely lived in for many years, that they love, that they have put time, effort and money into. Live in care is about providing freedom and independence whilst still having someone on hand to make sure that the individual is properly fed, clothed, washed, and that the housework, cooking, cleaning and shopping is completed. Home care is an essential part of giving elderly, infirm or disabled people the chance to be themselves in their own environment.

What Are The Alternatives To Live In Care?

There are a number of different alternatives to care at home, and some – if not all – of them are excellent, but they are not suitable for everyone. The main alterative option is long term residential care. There are various different types of residential care, and each one means that the individual will have to move out of their home in order to take up a place. It can, in some circumstances, even dictate that the house must be sold to fund the care, meaning that the patient is then ‘trapped’ in the care system with nowhere to go. Whereas private 24 hour care at home offers a certain amount of independence, residential care can sometimes be restrictive. There is a big difference between a residential home and a nursing home. Both provide accommodation, all meals and any care that is required, but a nursing home is equipped to deal with people who are ill, and there is always a nurse on hand should she or he be required. A residential home will have a district nurse whom the carers can call for, but this nurse won’t be in the home at all times. For residential care, the individual will need an assessment and a determination will be made as to which kind of home he or she will be put into. At home care services are available for both a person who needs medical care and one who is having trouble managing in their home, both undergo a needs assessment to ensure they get the right level of care.

Care For The Elderly At Home Does Not Mean Lower Quality

The idea of residential care is so ingrained in our society that the thought of using a live in carer can seem strange. It might worry people, and lead them to assume that care for the elderly at home is somehow of lesser quality than its residential counterpart. This is not the case at all. In fact, because at home care is completed on a one to one basis, unless care is being given to a couple, it is guaranteed that the customer will receive as much attention as is required. This gives them peace of mind and a happier outlook. Quality home health care services mean that care givers go above and beyond what they would be able to do in a residential or nursing home setting. They can give all their time to one client, or client couple, and not only care for them and their home, but also take them out shopping, for day trips, to the theatre and so on. This is something that hard pressed staff in residential homes would not necessarily be able to do, especially on an individual basis. Choosing a home care company with an impeccable reputation who will be able to tailor a package specifically to the client is so important; at My Homecare that is exactly what happens. Because of this, there will never be any need to worry that something has been forgotten or that some part of the client’s care is missing – it will all be covered.

Keep Your Independence With Care at Home From My Homecare

My Homecare specialises in offering care at home packages for the elderly, infirm, immobile and disabled. By offering bespoke live in care packages, we can ensure that everyone gets exactly what works for them, from care for a few hours a day to relieve a family member, to 24-hour full time care. Take a look at for an example of our services. Whether you need our care to include household duties and healthcare, or someone simply needs a chat from time to time, we can help. Contact us on 03300 415 485 or fill in our contact form for more information.

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