Care For The Elderly At Home

Care For The Elderly At Home - Help With Domestic Tasks

Care for the elderly at home often involves personal care, but it can also include domestic tasks. As someone struggling to live independently, you may find that you need additional support around the home as well as help showering and caring for yourself. A live in carer could be the solution you have been looking for.

Domestic tasks can include dusting and vacuuming, and keeping your home as tidy as you would yourself if you were still able. Care at home can aid you with general housekeeping tasks, including cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom. It’s important that you live in comfort and security, with a clean environment promoting health and happiness. It’s also vital for you to feel fresh and clean personally. A live in care provider can launder and iron your clothes as part of their duties, ensuring that your personal hygiene is taken care of in this important respect. Everything a carer does will make your life a little easier, whether it’s a personal care task or a domestic one. They can help you compile a shopping list then collect the goods for you. They can even help you with paying your bills and collecting your pension, if this is something you struggle with due to mobility or other issues. When you’re looking at live in carers, the most important thing is that you choose a company who is completely open with you about what you can expect from their employees. A reputable company will be honest about their care packages, allowing you to make informed decisions about what services you need.

At My Homecare, we specialise in providing care for the elderly at home. Our trained care staff can live in and will complete any personal care or housekeeping task that will make your life easier. For more information about our services, call 03300 415 485 or simply head to today.

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