Carer Live In

Carer Live In To Maintain Your Lifestyle

Carer live in services can do many things. They can aid personal care and undertake domestic duties, depending on your needs. However, something that may be overlooked is that a live in carer can allow you to stay in your own home, and maintain your current lifestyle. This can include keeping pets.

A major reason why people put off going into residential care is because they have pets that they don’t wish to be parted from. This is understandable: if you’ve spent many years of your life with a particular animal, it can feel like the ultimate blow to be forced to let them go simply because you’re getting older. It can feel cruel to the pet too, particularly if they’re too old to find a new home. If you hire a live in carer, however, you may be able to keep your pet and maintain your lifestyle in other ways. The advantages of live in care stem primarily from the fact that it can be tailored to the individual. If this requires your pet continuing to live with you that can be accommodated, but so can the desire to continue with weekly lunches with your friends. This type of tailored care ensures that you live as full a life as possible, whilst still being safe and secure in and out of your home. If you’re unsure whether live in care is the right choice for you then talk to agencies and get a feel for the kind of services that they can offer you.

My Homecare offer care for adults in the privacy of their own homes. If you’re going to choose carer live in services, then call us on 03300 415 485 for a discussion about your options or visit our website at We guarantee that we won’t pressure you into any decisions.

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