Carers Live In

Carers Live In To Help You With Cooking

Carers live in services across the UK come with numerous benefits. They can offer personal care assistance in the form of bathing or shaving, along with managing medication and other associated issues. However, they can also help with domestic care support tasks, in particular that of cooking your meals for you daily.

Something that prompts many people to resist residential care is the idea that they will no longer be in control of their own lives. Live in carers offer a viable care alternative to this; allowing you support to stay in your own home and continue to make decisions about your own life. One of the most important daily decisions you’ll make is what to eat and when to eat it. Live in care isn’t like residential care: you’ll be consulted about the types of food you like and your carer will have the ability to prepare and provide meals for you. Your carer will be adept at cookery so you’ll have fresh and healthy food from the outset. In addition, if you are still able to safely assist with the cookery process then they’ll be happy to let you. Live in care is about making your life easier, not about taking it over. That’s why your shopping list will still include everything you want to buy and why the meals prepared will be the ones you want. If this sounds like the kind of individual attention that would suit you, consider contacting a live in care provider for a consultation about your needs.

At My Homecare, we know that food is a vital component of everybody’s life. If you’re no longer able to cook independently this can have an impact on your health and mental wellbeing. Our carers live in your home and provide support where it is needed. Call us for an informal chat on 03300 415 485 or head to now.

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