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Home Care At Home - A Long Term Solution

Home care at home is often seen as a short term solution. It can be used to cover care of an elderly person until they are transferred into a residential home, or to help someone recover from an injury. However, it can also be used long term to ensure independence for someone who needs 24-hour assistance.

One reason for opting straight away for a residential care home for you or a relative may simply be cost. You may believe that a live in care package is beyond your financial capabilities. This is a common misconception that may be limiting what options you feel you have. The actual costs of care at home packages naturally vary from agency to agency. However, they still may be cheaper than you’d think. When you take into consideration that hiring a live in carer allows you to continue living in your property whilst offering the individualised care that residential homes can only dream of, it becomes a more attractive prospect. It allows a relationship to be built up between the client and a main carer that is far superior to the transient relationships established in care homes. The extra costs of live in care can thus be offset by the improved benefits. It is also less frustrating for the client if they are dealing with one main carer, who knows them very well, and only has to have a different carer when the main one is away. This may not always be the case in a residential home with a high turnover of staff and plenty of other residents to look after.

At My Homecare, we supply tailored care packages to our clients to help them make the best of their situation. If you’re looking for home care at home for a long term solution to your care needs, then call us on 03300 415 485. Alternatively, visit our website at http://www.my-homecare.co.uk/ and explore our services.

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