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Live In Care - Ensuring Your Loved One Gets The Care They Deserve

Live in care might not mean anything to you; it could be a phrase you’ve never come across before. But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be of benefit to you or your loved ones. What would happen to you or a family member, or even a close friend, if you or they became severely unwell, or frail in old age? It’s a question that isn’t often asked because it isn’t something we like to discuss. Old age and illness are still taboos in our culture because they are frightening, and delving into the unknown unnerves us, but it is an important question nonetheless.

Would Care At Home Be Beneficial To You?

Once the question has been asked, the answer, although potentially unpleasant, will give you an insight into what to do next if you’ve never considered it before. If the answer is that you would have to leave your own, comfortable home to live in a care home or nursing home, would you be happy to do that? For many people, the answer is no. And this is where private care at home becomes something important to consider. Care at home can be as little as a few hours a week, or it can involve individuals undertaking full time live in care jobs for you; it all depends on what you need. It is often beneficial for home care to be full time; this negates the need for any additional care, and it means that there is never any danger of a vulnerable person being left alone. Using at home care services means that those who need the care won’t have to leave the home they have worked all their life to maintain and pay for. They can stay where they are comfortable, in familiar surroundings, and still get the care they need, whatever their condition or requirements.

What Does A Live In Carer Do?

If live in care is something that sounds as though it could be the ideal solution for you or a family member or friend, what do you need to consider before signing up? Live in care for the elderly, or for someone who is unwell or immobile can differ from agency to agency. It is important to find out exactly what the live in carer you are hiring will do, and whether it is right for you, or the individual who will be receiving the care. Generally, carers are there to ensure the safety, comfort, and health (to some degree) of their client. This can be anything from washing and dressing, to cooking, housework, and giving medication as and when it is required. Since a private live in carer works on a strictly one to one basis with their charge, their attention is solely focused on them, and their time is guaranteed to be spent as their client wishes. This includes everything mentioned above, as well as taking the person shopping (or doing the shopping for them), escorting them to other events, helping with exercise, and even accompanying them on holiday. Having this sort of full time care is a wonderful way to keep your independence whilst still being looked after.

How Flexible Are Live In Carers?

Live in care is something that everyone might consider at one point in their lives. The beauty of this kind of exceptional one to one care is that it is as flexible as you need it to be. Live in carers will work to your schedule, giving their client the freedom to choose exactly how and when they are cared for (within the agreed care plan). Many people, for example, are happy and able to carry out this form of care, and looking after an elderly or infirm friend or relative is something they would rather do themselves. But, everyone deserves a break now and then. Everyone needs time off to recharge. Live in home carers can be hired on a short term basis, to give those who usually take on the role the chance to take a holiday, or to just go out for the day. Once a week, once a month, two weeks a year, whatever you need, a hired carer will be able to provide this much needed cover. Full time live in carers are also available at short notice, should the need arise, enabling regular carers time off for whatever reason it is needed.

Is 24 Hour Care At Home Expensive?

Many people feel that the idea of having 24 hour care at home is a wonderful one, enabling them to have freedom to still enjoy the comforts of their home and the flexibility to be as independent as possible. But along with that comes the worry of expense – is 24 hour live in care going to cost a large amount of money? Is it going to necessitate selling their home to fund it? Are they going to be left bereft should the money run out? The good – and perhaps surprising – news is that a live in carer can actually cost much less than you may think and is comparable with the cost of moving into a nursing home. If the cost of 24 hour in home care is the only thing that is stopping you form enquiring further, don’t let it. It is always worth asking the question and discovering the cost for yourself rather than imagining what it could be. Speak to an expert, such as those at My Homecare, for a breakdown of all the costs that could be associated with this sort of full time care. Getting details of a personalised package detailing everything you need, is the best way to compare prices.

There's No Place Like Home - Live In Care From My Homecare

The live in care you choose for yourself or your loved ones is too important to leave to chance. Speak to My Homecare for a fully comprehensive breakdown of fees, services and availability. Take a look at our informative website ( to get an idea of exactly what we do. We pride ourselves on understanding just what it is that our customers want, including the chance to be as independent as possible, yet still feel completely safe. Contact us on 03300 415 485 or fill in the form on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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