Live In Carer For Elderly Person

Live In Carer For Elderly Person - What Makes A Good Carer?

Live in carer for elderly person can be a minefield. A few bad apples can give the entire carers network a bad name. However, there are simple ways to spot good carers and you can be assured that reputable agencies will only accept the best care workers onto their books.

First and foremost, a good carer in the UK will need to have excellent English language skills. Nationality doesn’t matter, but the ability to communicate effectively with clients is absolutely vital. Other attributes that are useful for a live in carer to possess include the ability to cook fresh and healthy food. For live in care, it’s very important that they can deliver meals to a client that are both suitable and enjoyable. One of the main reasons elderly people choose to stay in their own home is because they want the sort of control over their own lives that they wouldn’t have in a residential home. This means that a carer should be able to cook fresh meals that are full of nutrients and aid a client’s wellbeing. This is one of the primary reasons that live in care is preferable to short daily visits. During those short visits, a carer barely has time to attend personal needs so meals are generally confined to pre-packaged ready meals that are not necessarily healthy nor satisfying. A live in carer, on the other hand, should be able to cook what a client wants to eat and see to their nutritional needs every day.

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