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Live in home care jobs are extremely rewarding positions. However, they are challenging and not everyone is cut out for them. One of the most important traits you’ll possess as a live in care worker is a caring and sensitive nature. If you have that then everything else can be learned.

If you’re considering live in care jobs, then you’ll be aware how difficult the job can be. To be in such close proximity to one person and to aid their every need can require reserves of patience and energy. However, it also demands a caring personality. You have to genuinely care about your clients to succeed in a live in care position. That is not always easy. You may be dealing with clients struggling to adapt to their changing circumstances. If they’re recovering from an accident, for instance, then they may want to do tasks they’re simply not capable of at that time. A sensitive carer will acknowledge the difficulty of this situation and moderate their care accordingly. Similarly, if you’re managing a client with dementia then you’ll need to recognise how traumatic this can be for a client. Every individual is different and a perceptive nature is vital to effectively care for someone in that situation. Most people who go into care worker roles have felt a strong affinity to help others from an early age and they put this desire to work in one of the most rewarding ways possible. It may be difficult but, for the right person, it’s a wonderful career.

At My Homecare, we offer live in home care jobs for the right candidates. If you’re a caring and sensitive individual, then we’ll be delighted to talk to you about the opportunities available as live in carers for those in need. Contact us on 03300 415 485 or visit our website at

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