Live In Home Carers

Live In Home Carers Providing Hygienic Care

Live in home carers across the UK are well trained in various aspects of care. Whether the carer is for you personally or one of your relatives, you need to have confidence in their ability to deal with everyday tasks. These can include personal care and domestic tasks where personal hygiene is paramount.

If you’re entrusting personal care to a care worker, you must have confidence that they will handle you and everything around you in a hygienic manner. This can be as simple as washing hands after performing personal tasks and is likely something everyone considers a basic reaction to such a job. However, there are other aspects of personal care, such as dealing with potential sources of infection and infection transmission that live in carers are trained to fully understand. Equally, food hygiene is of paramount importance during live in care. Since a carer will be preparing food for their client, the ability to perform such tasks hygienically and in a safe manner is vital. Carers will be well versed in how to avoid contamination problems and will approach every job with the health and wellbeing of the service user in mind. This is why hiring a live in carer can provide peace of mind for a someone with a vulnerable or elderly relative. Instead of worrying that they may inadvertently poison themselves with bad hygiene practices, someone else will be making healthy meals and controlling hygiene within the home. This helps keep a service user healthy in every respect.

At My Homecare, we provide live in home carers completely able to perform all tasks in a safe and hygienic manner. If you’re searching for a live in care agency who will treat your home as they would treat their own, call us on 03300 415 485. Alternatively, why not visit our website at

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